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RedSky Gallery

RedSky Gallery
1523 Elizabeth Ave
Ste 120
Charlotte, NC 28204


The Influence of Art…

When I created the gallery, my goal was to help artists make a living creating artwork and offer consumers easy access to a broad and fine selection of original art. I strongly believe that when you live with objects that you love, it adds to the quality of your life, each and every day. 

We carry a wide selection of original paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, as well as works in the fine craft media of glass, ceramics, fiber, metal, wood, jewelry, and art-to-wear.  Our art comes from over 400 artists throughout North America.  Whether visiting our gallery in person, online, or through our corporate catalog, we provide you with a wealth of information about who the artist is and details about how and why they create their work.  We believe providing this information is an important element for both buyers as well as gallery visitors.

We invite you to experience for yourself the wonders of our artists as you visit us in person or online.

All the best and enjoy,

Kellie Scott
Owner, RedSky Gallery

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